The Tracy Kenpo Karate System - Yellow Belt

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Learn the foundation techniques to one of the most effective Self-Defense systems in the world. These 10 techniques with multiple variations is the first step in learning a street oriented defensive martial art. These techniques are not allowed in sport combat and are designed to take down an attacker quickly.

The Tracy Kenpo System is taught in thousands of schools around the world and comes from a long line of martial artist going back through Okinawa, China, and Japan. Start your journey today to learn this ancient and effective Self-Defense Martial Art.

Self - Defense Techniques

  1. Japanese Sword (a,b) 
  2. Chinese Sword (a,b)
  3. Delayed Sword 
  4. Knee Of Vengeance 
  5. Fang Of The Cobra 
  6. Twisting Talon (a,b) 
  7. Returning Dragon
  8. Breaking The Sword
  9. Kenpo Shield
  10. Evasion