Purple Belt Training Course

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Over 4.5 hours of training videos.

Purple Belt is novice level training for the path to Black Belt in Kenpo Karate. Our course gives you weekly lessons to learn each week. This makes it easy to learn as you work through the 15 weeks of Purple Belt training.

Virtual Kenpo is a family run online martial arts school specializing in teach Kenpo Karate. This karate style focuses on street techniques designed to end the confrontation quickly and effectively. It primarily uses hands and low kicks to defend against multiple types of attacks. It has been proven in the street and taught to law enforcement for many years. Anyone can learn Kenpo for self-defense.

The training is set in weekly lessons and provides easy to follow instructions. In Purple Belt we start to build on the foundations learned in Yellow and Orange Belts. You will expand the techniques previously learned and enjoy many new self-defense techniques. We also continue to improve the Side Kick with the addition of Functions to increase it's power and effectiveness.

The Purple Belt Training provides 30 Self-Defense, 2 katas (Short 2/Lion and Long 2/Great Lion), 5 kicks, 5 hand strikes, 10 Basic Motions, and 10 Striking Combinations.

Training is provided by 3rd Degree Black Belt in Tracy's Kenpo Karate, William Camp.