BlackBeltShop Century XXL Wavemaster with Free Bag Gloves (Black)

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Freestanding Punching Bag for Karate, Boxing, Cardio, MMA with free bag gloves Featuring the largest kicking and punching surface on the market, the Century XXL Wavemaster gives you no reason to hold anything back. Able to withstand high-impact martial arts and kickboxing workouts, this bag's high-density foam and vinyl construction is built to last. The low-profile base provides the stability you need when going through an intense training session. This bag is perfect for anyone wanting to practice Karate, Tae Kwon Do, mma, Muay Thai, and cardio fitness drills. Stands 69 inches tall and a full 18 inches diameter. Striking surface is made of durable vinyl over high density foam. Low profile base and large new bag provide an excellent target for both punching and kicking. Weight distribution of base provides stability and functionality. Extra large fill hole and cap allows you to easily fill base with sand or water. No tools required for assembly. Weighs approximately 270 pounds when filled. Available in Red, Blue or Black.